Samsung HQ.

How can we manipulate a primitive object whether it be on its interior or its exterior so that it will create unexpected intriguing interior spaces, while still holding on to the simplicity of its exterior shell. For this purpose I chose an ellipsoid and that was the starting point for the explorations which followed this formal investigation.

From the offices, labs, and multipurpose studios, to the galleries, exhibition spaces, and the restaurants, I decided to divide the building’s programmatic proportions into two major portions of private and public respectively. And that’s where the interior forms house the more public circulation throughout the building, and the difference between the interior veins and the outer shell holds the private spaces. Having an ellipsoid general form, a diagrid was the solution to the problem of how can the shell carry the load of the building. Having broken down the smooth exterior shape to a more faceted one, it brought up the question of how can I keep the integrity of the final massing. That’s where the fin shaped cladding was chosen so that it follows the curvature of the new massing alongside the existing structure to emphasize the form of the building.